Sunday, February 24, 2019


My beautiful Charlotte-today you are 4! On the one hand it seems like it was just yesterday that I was waddling around with you in my belly, and then on the other I feel like you have been in my life forever. I don’t honestly know what we did before you! I know it wasn’t nearly as fun! You are the most delightful little girl. You currently love to decorate and came home crying from school on Valentine’s Day when your teachers didn’t decorate enough for your liking. You love to plan parties and will pull out plates and napkins and other things you can find and set them out for your event. You will talk all day about it and plan it and ask me to invite your friends. This typically drives me crazy because I have to clean this up but it really is the sweetest. You also love to pack up bags and purses with things and go on trips or to parties in your imagination. This is so cute (even though your stuff is always hidden in bags and you forget where it is and get upset) and I love that you like to go through my purse or use one of them. You get so excited when I let you use one and that makes me so happy. You also love make up and can our mine on yourself quite well for your age. I don’t mind and let you play with it because you just seem to love it so and you are very careful and gentle. You are a rule follower and get very upset if you think you are in trouble. You also are a great leader and you love to achieve. I can’t believe how smart you are. You know all of your letters and of course colors and shapes and numbers at least up to 20. You can count to 100 and are starting to do simple math in your head without realizing it. You and daddy still read each night but you have started to try to learn to read yourself. I have loved seeing you enjoy school. You go to music and Spanish and love them! You love the puzzle center beat and every day when I pick you up you tell me who was the leader, what center you were in and who was with you. I am so impressed with the work you bring home. You seem like such a big girl and sometimes I expect and demand more of you than I should since you are so grown up acting. Sometimes, however I look at you and think how little you are—and how 4 is not very old and that I have barely gotten to know the wonderful person you are becoming and honestly I am so glad of that. I could never have imagined your wonderful personality when I was waiting on you 4 years ago and I’m so glad. Everything about you is a fun surprise and I love learning all about you. You have amazing opinions and love to talk and usually are singing or imagining our loud. I hope you always are curious and not afraid to be yourself. Stand up for what you believe in and don’t try to people please too much. It’s ok if not every one likes you and you in turn don’t have to like everyone else, but you do have to be kind, which oh you are so kind. I am so proud of your kind heart. This youear as you have grown and have begun to understand more grown up concepts your little heart has amazed me. You hate when things are lost or missing, especially when children are missing from their parents (like in movies). You get very upset when you find out about new scary things (like house fires this year) and we try to shield you from as much as we can while trying to help you understand at the same time. It’s so hard to be a parent and know what to do and we just want to protect your heart and innocence for as long as we can. Growing up is hard but being a kid should be easy. This past year I have been in awe of your transition to big sister. You took to the role immediately and have never seemed jealous or resentful of your sister. You still call her “my baby” and love to play with her and hug and love on her. You clap when she succeeds and often scold me when I scold her, saying that she is a baby and she doesn’t know. I love how you protect and defend her and I hope you always do. I hope you know that you make us proud every day and we absolutely love being your parents. I love you sweet angel. 

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