Friday, February 15, 2019

January 2019

Have mercy January always seems like the longest month. We are all hung over from the holidays and having to get back in our school routine. Charlotte has 23 “stay home” days as she calls them and it was so lovely but we really got lax and it was a tough transition back to the real world. 
On news years we had lunch at the baileys as per tradition. We ate the typical ham, greens and black eyed pea New Years lunch and frances was a big fan of the peas. We were shocked to learn that aunt Susan and uncle Bruce’s Home brined to the ground the night before. It was so scary and sad but luckily they weren’t home and were safe. 

We tried frances out in the big girl car seat but she was not a fan so back in the baby carrier she went for now. She is so heavy in that thing but it really is easy for me now so I’m sort of dreading moving her out of it. 

Right after New Years I got bronchitis and Frances got croup. It was a tough several days for us but luckily my mom was able to help while I was sick and exhausted. 

This month Charlotte has really gotten into parties and decorating. Here she is setting up my “birthday party”. She is so adorable doing this even though she drags my stuff all over the house. 

Frances has been a climbing machine!! Every day she finds something new to scale. It makes me so nervous! 

One night we met Justin and farrah for dinner at Baja cantina. The girls just love them and they really loved the food. Frances was a big fan of the rice. Charlotte says she wants a taco but she means quesadilla. 

This month we welcomed shadow dash bailey to our family! He is the sweetest puppy and so gentle with the girls. We had a fence installed so he can be an outdoor doggy and he just loves frolicking outside when it’s nice. We all have been taking advantage of the warmer days that have been happening lately. 

We went to Mimi’s  for Monday night dinner over mlk holiday. It’s always so fun to be with them all and the girls always have a great time. 

Charlotte and I also had our dental cleaning. We were so nervous about how Charlotte would react but she did great! 

Charlotte and I went on her class field trip to the snow exhibit at the imagination place. It was so fun to see her playing with all of her sweet friends. 

Charlotte now enjoys going with me to get my hair cut so she can get her hair “styled”. Anita is so sweet to treat her to this fun! 

The girls had a blast at John Roberts 3rd birthday party! A fire truck came and Charlotte really enjoyed climbing all over it. Frances just took the whole experience in and was asleep before we made it home. 

Forrest and I had a fun night out with friends at the 9 o clock dance. We couldn’t stay very long but it was nice to get dressed up. 

This month we sadly lost Forrest’s grandmother nana frith. She was a sweet and fancy lady and she will be so missed by our family. It makes me so sad the frances never got to know her and I hope that Charlotte will remember her trips to Selma to visit her. Her funeral service was probably the best one I have ever been to—the speakers were spot on in their comments about her and made me at least feel at peace. I will always remember her love for pink and all things fancy and think that Charlotte definitely carries a piece of nana frith in her. 

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