Friday, February 15, 2019


December was a a crazy fun blur. It was our first Christmas season with frances and of course that made it magical. And Charlotte, well she was all about Christmas this year. She had a detailed list for Santa, loved signing Christmas songs, and was very into the decorations. She actually told me several times I didn’t decorate enough. She asked lots of questions about baby Jesus and I had to stop signing away in a manger because she got upset that Jesus would be cold or the animals would hurt him and wondered why his mommy and daddy didn’t build a door. Her heart is so sweet and I just love that about her! 

We start December by celebrating Forrest’s birthday! We celebrated all weekend and Charlotte of course loved that. 

We had a really fun night in Atlanta with friends warxhingthe soccer national championship. We felt so special to get to sit in a box and be a part of the fun! The game was really cool to watch and of course our group made it extra special. 

We loved getting to watch Charlotte dance at her ballet tea party. She really loves her ballet class and we love seeing her perform!! One of her favorite pretend games to play is “miss cammie” and she makes me teach her ballet moves or vice versa. 

That week we also got to watch Charlotte’s Christmas program. She was so funny—she kept scooting over towards the center of the group! She was excited for us to see her sing and had been practicing her songs all month. She was excited though to have “23 stay home days” and I was excited to get to have her home for a while. 

After her program she went with me to get my haircut and decided she wanted one too. I didn’t want her hair actually cut so she got it “styled” and oh did she think she was grown up. 

That weekend we went to see the lights at river country campground. Charlotte insisted upon the sunglasses. 

We went to Birmingham for dinner one Monday night to visit with our family. Charlotte loves playing with her cousin mary rose. We rarely get to see that part of the family so it was really nice to get to so for the holidays. 

One evening we had take out at the smiths. Charlotte I sister upon wearing her snow queen dress. She has been so into dressing up lately and I think it’s so cute. She won’t do this forever. 

The girls had a great time at aunt Jan’s Christmas lunch. Frances loved the cream corn and dressing and she snuck some chocolate cake. Of course Charlotte had fun with brooks and she was well accessorized. 

That night we went to the Santa Claus dance. It’s my Most favorite party of the year! We enjoyed having dinner with friends beforehand and then seeing so many out of town friends at the party. 

The next day we were back at christmasing and went to Mimi’s for lunch. The girls refused to nap but we had so much fun playing with with cousins. 

The next day was Christmas Eve and we kicked it off with pancakes and pajamas at Davis and Megumi’s. 

They actually kept the girls for us while they napped and we went to mass, and later that evening we went to aunt Susan and uncle Bruce’s for dinner. The girls had a blast and got so many fabulous gifts! I think I will always cherish this particular night because the next week their home burned to the ground! I’m still in disbelief! We are just glad no one was home or harmed. 

We had to wake the girls up on Christmas morning and I think I we may have been more excited than they were—at first. Santa was overwhelmingly good to the girls and Charlotte got her covered Barbie dream house and lol surprise doll. Francie got some sweet baby things and items she will need throughout this year. 

The best part about Christmas morning is that we hosted a brunch for the baileys and my mom sister. I was nervous and thought that might be stressful but it really wasn’t. It was actually wonderful to have everyone over and get to stay and play with the girls. They loved having everyone there to play with. 

That week we had Harper and Becca come play. Charlotte was in heaven—I think she was missing having friends to play with! 

That weekend we went to bal d or with our friends the Simmons and had a great time. We were so excited to see our sweet friend hannah be presented. She looked beautiful! 

We had some great weather during the month and loved getting to play outside. Frances took her first spin in the tricycle! And Charlotte is getting better on riding her bike. I think she just needs more practice. 

As you can see the month was so fun of joy and love. But there was no rest for the weary as we jumped right into January with both feet! 

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