Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Frances’s first birthday party

Our little cupcake is 1! What a fun day we had celebrating her. She was slightly hesitant about all the people in our house and she had on her “unimpressed face for a while, but eventually she got comfortable and joined the party! 

Food set up 

Birthday girls chair

Flowers by momsie 

Cookies by Allison

 Invitation by my cousin lane Ross! I wanted something to match her party dress and she delivered! 

Favor table 


Matching cupcakes 

Beautiful birthday girl 

This happy girl loved her birthday cake. Despite practicing with daddy she didn’t blow our her candle, but Charlotte was happy to help. 

We love you frances! Happy birthday! 

Monday, March 25, 2019

Animal kingdom

Animal kingdom was a hot but fun day. We slept in so we all could rest up after a long day at magic kingdom. Charlotte and daddy rode the dinosaur ride, which Charlotte wasn’t a fan of but didn’t seem too worked up about. While we were waiting frances and I went to see Daisy Duck. She was so sweet to her. 

Look at her little sandals! 

We ordered some lunch and had a little respite before our safari. Charlotte didn’t eat super great this trip but frances are like a champ! She was excited about everything she tried. 

We really enjoyed our safari ride. Charlotte has fun spotting the animals and frances was just content to be there. This is always my favorite ride! 

We also really enjoyed watching the bird show with characters from up. This was a new thing for us and it was really fun! The girls loved seeing the birds fly overhead. 

We stopped for a rest and to watch a dance party with some characters. 

Then we got to see Mickey and Minnie one last time. Frances was so precious...she just ran to them and hugged them. She pointed to their noses and gave them high fives. Minnie didn’t want to let her go! Charlotte would always tell the characters “this is my baby!”  

That evening we opted not to go back into the park—everyone was tired and had had enough! We went up to the roof top bar of our hotel, top of the world, and watched the fireworks over the castle. It really was magical! 

The next day we headed home bright and early. Were we tired? Yes! Was it worth it? Yes! We learned so much about these girls this trip. Charlotte is a roller coaster lover and thrill seeker! She would rather ride the rides than do the character meals—this girl needs park time! Frances as always was super chill and went with the flow. She had to take her morning nap in the stroller each day and didn’t miss a beat. She made everything so easy when she really could have been terrible. She was not afraid of the characters once she got used to them the first night and she loved the fireworks. I can’t wait to go back next year and see how their experiences change. That has been my favorite part of Disney—comparing what they do and love one time to the next time. I never want to miss a year of going with them while they are  in the sweet spot for magic. I hope we can continue to go every year for a while and see how they grow and change. 

Magic kingdom

The best day! Yay! I love magic kingdom. The other places are fun but this is by far the beat for little girls. Honestly I think we could skip the rest for a few years and be content.  We started the morning at breakfast at 1900 park fare. It was very chaotic and took so long we decided enough of the character meals. The girls enjoyed the characters though!! 

My sweet little Alice in wonderland girls 

Frances loves Pooh! 

Mary Poppins was weird about frances not having on shoes (she took them off!) so I had to hold her for this. 

Charlotte was nervous to meet the mad hatter but I was so brave she decided to! She laughed and laughed when he said “peanut butter!” 

Saying bye bye to tigger!

Next it was off to the park and for the carousel. Frances loved it! 

We rode severanrides that morning and then while frances took her nap Forrest and Charlotte rose splash mountain. It’s a big kid ride but Charlotte loved it! She even thought it was fun to get wet! 

After lunch and naps in the room, we went back to the park and got there right in time to catch the end of the move it shake it dance party parade. Frances was kicking her little feet in the stroller. It was so cute! 

Then we did rider swap for the mine train. Again Charlotte loved it! We also had dinner at be our guest! I had been waiting to eat here since our first trip to Disney and was so excited. I was disappointed, however! The food was great but it just wasn’t exciting for my girls. It was a long dinner and yes they got to meet the beast but they could have done without it. I was actually impressed that frances did so well with him. She walked right up to him with no fear. She did jerk her arm away when he tried to hold her hand but she just kept standing there. 

Afterwards we watched the fireworks! It was Frances’s first time to see them and she was in awe. We were behind the castle so they were going off on two sides of us which was a really neat experience. 

We also had fast passes to meet some princesses. Charlotte of course loved them and everyone was oohing and ahhhing at frances. She would just run and climb on them! It was darling. 





We stayed in the park right up until closing and even got to get on the haunted mansion before we left. What a sweet day with our own little princesses. 

Hollywood studios day

We kicked off our trip at Hollywood studios! We were excited to see the new toy story world and enjoy some Disney junior characters.  The morning began at the Disney junior breakfast. While we waited I took Charlotte to meet Daisy Duck. 

Breakfast was yummy and frances did much better with the characters. These characters are some of Charlotte’s favorites so I definitely think the extra time to see them was worth it. We are disappointed that we missed seeing fancy Nancy by a few months but now we just have another reason to go back! 

Doc mcstuffins! 

Princess Sophia 


Roadster racer goofy! 

Next it was off to toy story world. We rode Frances’s first ride ever, toy story mania! Charlotte really loved the games. 

Then we used a fast pass given to us in the airport by a sweet couple for the new slinky dog dash. It was Charlotte’s first big girl roller coaster and she loved it! We did rider swap so she got to ride once with daddy and then with me. She was so brave! We loved learning this about her. 

Coming off her first roller coaster ride! 

Frances napped during this time and was still asleep so she and daddy went to find shade and lunch and Charlotte and I went to the frozen sing along. I loved watching her sing and dance her heart out! 

 Then we had a yummy lunch at sci fi diner. Charlotte kept saying the movies were boring but loved the car booths and her milk shake. 

We watched the little mermaid show before heading back to the room for a rest. We all needed it! 

After getting referees we went back to the park at had a yummy diner at mama melrose. Then we met up with some sweet friends from Gadsden to watch fantasmic. Before the show Forrest and c tried to ride tower of terror but they wouldn’t let her in and she is still pretty peeved about it. The show was great though and frances seems to enjoy it even though it was loud and a little scary. 

It was a long day but a great day!! Both girls were so good and brave and really rolled with the punches. On to magic kingdom! 


When we were walking around disney when I was just out of my first trimester with frances, sweating and dodging people, I knew it would be a while before we would get back and I was ok with that. Disney is hard! But oh gosh is it so magical. By the end of the week I had sweated more than I wanted too and was grouchy from pregnancy symptoms, exhaustion, and not being able to partake in the Epcot food and wine festival but I was basically begging for us to come back as soon as we could. Charlotte has had such a wonderful experience that was completely different from her first trip to Disney (which was only about 6 months precious) and I didn’t want to miss any of the magic while it was still with her. People may have thought we were nuts to take a 4 year old and almost 1 year old (and maybe we thought it to) but we did it and we survived and I really think it was the right decision. I thought about their outfits for months and packed for a good 3 or 4 weeks to get it just right but it was so worth it. 

We managed to pack in 2 rolling suitcases, a duffle, 2 back packs and 2 strollers. I was proud of this! No checking luggage for us! 

Frances’s first flight was a success! She was too excited to nap but was happy. Charlotte watched a movie on daddy’s phone and you would hardly know she was there. 
When we arrived we scurried to our van that took us to chef mickeys. Charlotte was excited they had a booster seat for her and frances luckily snoozed on the way. 
Chef mickeys is not my favorite food but the girls loved it and since we were staying at bay lake towers at the contemporary it was easy for us. Frances was very nervous at first and cried when DONALD interacted with her but got into the groove once she saw Minnie and Mickey. She mostly was excited about eating though. 

Whew after a long day it was time to head to the room for some rest before Hollywood studios! More to follow! 
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