Monday, March 11, 2019

February 2019

February went by so quickly and I am still tired from it!!

Frances outgrew the baby tub and kept trying to stand up in it, so I started bathing them both in charlottes tub. Bath time is so sweet and fun at our house. Frances loves to squeal and splash and Charlotte usually is pretending she is a mermaid or at the spa. It is sometimes hectic but always fun! 

Forrest went to visit uncle tommy in cooorsdo one weekend and the girls and I went to Mimi’s house. This is frances trying to climb up Mimi’s lap while she was on the phone. She wouldn’t let her out of her sight! Aunt Fran had a big box of valentines decorations that she let Charlotte pull out and of course she was in hog heaven! 

Charlotte was sooo excited about Valentine’s Day this year. We never really do much to celebrate but she made us want to do it up right! She loved wearing her valentines outfits to school (which she does every year) and was excited about her gifts for her class. I couldn’t wait to pick her up that day and as soon as I asked her how the day went she started crying and said it wasn’t good! She said her teachers didn’t decorate for Valentine’s Day! It was the funniest thing! We had to call aunt Fran and let her know. That night Forrest decorated her room with streamers to make her feel better (since I didn’t decorate either). We had heart shaped pizza for dinner and got ice cream! I also spent half the morning searching for a bathing suit for Forrest because that is what Charlotte thought we needed to get for him. Her little heart is so simple and sweet and I just love that about her. 

One night we had an impromptu dinner with our friends the Simmons and their kids. I am always nervous for Charlotte to meet older children but she had a blast with Eleanor. They were like two peas in a pod. 

We spent the next week celebrating charlottes birthday!! She had doughnuts for her class one morning and daddy came and spoke to the class that day about de two health and she was just beyond thrilled! On Saturday she had her party at the imagination place with all her best friends. It was such a fun day and I thought the fancy Nancy theme turned out really cute! 

That night m came over to celebrate her birthday with us. C of course had to help her with her candles. 

Last night as a 3 year old!! 

Breakfast cinnamon rolls! 

She wore her tiara and carried this present from Henry in with her to church. 

Birthday lunch at Mama and Papa papa b house with papa Harold and uncle mike and aunt Debbie and Davis and megumi. 
If that wasn’t enough excitement for one birthday, she got to attend her first father daughter dance! She was so excited to get dressed up and accessorize! 

The weather was nice that week so I took the girls to take pictures in my moms daffodils. It was difficult wrangling them but I’m glad I got any shots  

We also went to celebrate charlottes birthday with our family in Birmingham that night. They were so sweet to have a little party for her and of course aunt Fran had to decorate it so Charlotte would approve. 

After all of the party fun, it was time to get packed for Disney!! Big post to come about that soon!! 


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