Monday, March 25, 2019

Hollywood studios day

We kicked off our trip at Hollywood studios! We were excited to see the new toy story world and enjoy some Disney junior characters.  The morning began at the Disney junior breakfast. While we waited I took Charlotte to meet Daisy Duck. 

Breakfast was yummy and frances did much better with the characters. These characters are some of Charlotte’s favorites so I definitely think the extra time to see them was worth it. We are disappointed that we missed seeing fancy Nancy by a few months but now we just have another reason to go back! 

Doc mcstuffins! 

Princess Sophia 


Roadster racer goofy! 

Next it was off to toy story world. We rode Frances’s first ride ever, toy story mania! Charlotte really loved the games. 

Then we used a fast pass given to us in the airport by a sweet couple for the new slinky dog dash. It was Charlotte’s first big girl roller coaster and she loved it! We did rider swap so she got to ride once with daddy and then with me. She was so brave! We loved learning this about her. 

Coming off her first roller coaster ride! 

Frances napped during this time and was still asleep so she and daddy went to find shade and lunch and Charlotte and I went to the frozen sing along. I loved watching her sing and dance her heart out! 

 Then we had a yummy lunch at sci fi diner. Charlotte kept saying the movies were boring but loved the car booths and her milk shake. 

We watched the little mermaid show before heading back to the room for a rest. We all needed it! 

After getting referees we went back to the park at had a yummy diner at mama melrose. Then we met up with some sweet friends from Gadsden to watch fantasmic. Before the show Forrest and c tried to ride tower of terror but they wouldn’t let her in and she is still pretty peeved about it. The show was great though and frances seems to enjoy it even though it was loud and a little scary. 

It was a long day but a great day!! Both girls were so good and brave and really rolled with the punches. On to magic kingdom! 

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