Monday, March 25, 2019

Magic kingdom

The best day! Yay! I love magic kingdom. The other places are fun but this is by far the beat for little girls. Honestly I think we could skip the rest for a few years and be content.  We started the morning at breakfast at 1900 park fare. It was very chaotic and took so long we decided enough of the character meals. The girls enjoyed the characters though!! 

My sweet little Alice in wonderland girls 

Frances loves Pooh! 

Mary Poppins was weird about frances not having on shoes (she took them off!) so I had to hold her for this. 

Charlotte was nervous to meet the mad hatter but I was so brave she decided to! She laughed and laughed when he said “peanut butter!” 

Saying bye bye to tigger!

Next it was off to the park and for the carousel. Frances loved it! 

We rode severanrides that morning and then while frances took her nap Forrest and Charlotte rose splash mountain. It’s a big kid ride but Charlotte loved it! She even thought it was fun to get wet! 

After lunch and naps in the room, we went back to the park and got there right in time to catch the end of the move it shake it dance party parade. Frances was kicking her little feet in the stroller. It was so cute! 

Then we did rider swap for the mine train. Again Charlotte loved it! We also had dinner at be our guest! I had been waiting to eat here since our first trip to Disney and was so excited. I was disappointed, however! The food was great but it just wasn’t exciting for my girls. It was a long dinner and yes they got to meet the beast but they could have done without it. I was actually impressed that frances did so well with him. She walked right up to him with no fear. She did jerk her arm away when he tried to hold her hand but she just kept standing there. 

Afterwards we watched the fireworks! It was Frances’s first time to see them and she was in awe. We were behind the castle so they were going off on two sides of us which was a really neat experience. 

We also had fast passes to meet some princesses. Charlotte of course loved them and everyone was oohing and ahhhing at frances. She would just run and climb on them! It was darling. 





We stayed in the park right up until closing and even got to get on the haunted mansion before we left. What a sweet day with our own little princesses. 

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