Thursday, March 14, 2019


My dearest frances: one year ago right now I went to bed with a pain in my back. Little did I know that I would be holding you just a few hours later. I remember holding your little body wondering who you were, and I’m sure you were looking up at me wondering the same thing. It’s been a whole year and now I know so much about you, and can’t wait to know more. You are funny, and silly, and a daredevil rascal. You love climbing things and going up the stairs over.  You love to snuggle and be loved on. You love to eat and throw food when you are done. You love to watch the dog and cat and your favorite toys are Mickey Mouse and baby dolls. You love your sister and papa b and momsie the most and you love to clap for yourself. You get so proud of yourself when you accomplish a task and you are learning so quickly. You amaze me every day and I know you are going to do big things. Your smile is huge and lights up your whole face as well as the hearts of everyone who gets to see it. I hope you know we will do everything we can to keep you smiling. God knew we needed you when he sent you to us and you have been nothing but a joy to us. While our life was wonderful, you made it all the more joyful. You came to us at a time where I was in a lot of darkness and you lifted that and brought me into the light. I love your sweet disposition, how you sleep so nicely, and how you want to be held and snuggled for a while before we put you down after you have been sleeping. I love that you cry when I tell you bye bye but that you wave anyway, and that you want every toy that Charlotte picks up.  I love your squeals in the bath tub, your attempt at making animal sounds, how you throw things just for fun. I love watching you gobble your food and when you try to drink from a cup. You always want to be in the mix, and I don’t expect you to be a quiet wallflower ever. I hope you know that this year has been truly wonderful and I secretly hope you can just stay a baby forever. I know that can’t happen and of course I can’t wait to see you grow into the wonderful little girl and lady I know you will be. Tomorrow you are a toddler but you will always be my baby, my little Francie. 

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