Tuesday, May 7, 2019

April 2019

Happy spring! We are so glad to have sunshine, longer days, and warm weather! Here is a look back at our month. 

Charlotte and I had a fun girls night with Stephanie and Eleanor Simmons watching the little mermaid. Charlotte enjoys plays and really likes dancing in the aisles to the songs. I know she won’t do that forever so I let her so long as she isn’t disturbing others. We also love that our theater lets the children meet the characters afterwards. 

Now that it’s spring it’s time for chicken chasing at mama and papa b’s! 

And playing on the swing set!!! 

Frances has grown so much this month! We realized she was the same height and weight at 12 months as Charlotte was at 15! She eats up a storm (although doesn’t cate for watermelon) and just talks all day. Mostly she calls everything “ba” but she does say “shoes” and “boom”. She loves shoes and always wants to put yours on or make you wear some. If she sees any on the floor she is on them! She also likes to turn off the lights with the wall switch. She has gotten good at following commands and does several amimal sounds (which to the untrained ear sound the same but I can tell a difference). She loves to sing and will do hand motions to itsy bitsy spider and wheels on the bus. She also likes twinkle twinkle. We love that she will now grab a book and bring it to you and try to climb in your lap so you can read to her. She will let you read countless books before she gets bored. She does prefer ones with things to feel or flaps or pop ups though. Hello kitty’s closet seems to be a personal favorite right now. She also grunts and points to get what she wants and is quite demanding for someone who can’t talk!! 

Charlotte has her ballet phots and they turned our beautifully!! I can’t wait to see her in the recita this year! 

We introduced frances to bubbles! She was hesitant at first but got into them after a few minutes. Notice her boots in this picture! 

Charlotte is such a grown girl. This month she has been inviting people to a sleepover which of course is made up but she really wants to have one. I have to figure out a way to have one without me going crazy. She has the sweetest heart and just loves her baby sister. I feel like I am too hard on her always but she is so smart and capable I forget she is a little girl so often. She still loves to dress up and plan parties and decorate and is just the most fun thing! 

We had a fun night with the pierces at las brisas one Friday and momsie and beryl came! We were glad to get to see beryl and that her treatment is going well. Afterwards we took a little family golf cart ride, something we have been enjoying this spring. That afternoon momsie picked Charlotte up and took her to wal mart to shop for plants. Charlotte thought this was the best thing ever! 

The next morning we had no plans and by the end of the day had done so much! We stared at the fair. The fair popped up in the parking lot and she told my mom it was there because her mommy and daddy prayed for it. When she asked to go after that we couldn’t very well say no! She loved riding the rides and frances enjoyed watching. 
Next we went to the falls! 
The girls had a big time. We rode the train and pet the animals. Charlotte even pet a snake! 

That evening we went out to duck springs to have dinner with aunt Paula and Uncle Tom. We also got to see papa b’s kittens that he rescued! 

The next day was Palm Sunday and I told Charlotte it was a special day, so she dressed up. 

She is really into accessorizing now and I try to let her do it and have a little independence. However I did make her take off the tiara before mass. Also m gave her a big bag of bracelets and she has been rotating them for all special events. She also will typically send me with an extra piece of jewelry when I go out nexuses she thinks I’m not fancy enough. 
We had a little Easter egg hunt at moms that night and both girls had fun. Charlotte still loves an Easter egg hunt more than just about any other activity. Frances started to get the hang of it too. 

That week Charlotte has her Easter egg hunt and party at school. I had to miss last years since I had just had frances so I was glad to get to go be with her. 

On Saturday we went to two Easter egg hunts. The first was at her school and even though it rained it was still fun inside. Frances was not to sure about the Easter bunny but she did participate in the baby egg hunt. 

We also went to the hunt at the country club that afternoon. It was freezing but Charlotte still ran around and got as many eggs as she could. 

Later that evening we had a fun steak dinner at Davis and Megumi’s. 

The next morning the girls were excited to find gifts from the Easter bunny. They had planted a jelly bean garden with Ms Gail and enjoyed dining present there too! 

This wasn’t waster morning but another day when the garden “grew”. Still you get the idea. 

After mass we went to mimis for lunch. The girls had a great time seeing all the family and doing yet another egg hunt. 

The next week Charlotte started a little music class to learn all about instrument families. The first week was strings. 

The next night she had her ballet showcase and picnic. She seems so houseful when she dances and I love watching her perform. Of course she loved seeing the big girls in their costumes. 

The next night we went out for Mexican with Justin and Farrah. We had a blast and frances tried her hardest to eat with a fork. 

That weekend Forrest and I attended regency with friends. Charlotte loved my dress and cried when I left because she didn’t have the same dress and shoes as me. That girl is so silly. 

The next day we pulled out the little pool and splash pad and the girls just had a ball! Frances was nervous at first and didn’t like getting splashed but she warmed up to the water after a while. 

Charlotte is still a water baby and would stay in the pool all day if I let her! 

That night we went to little bridge for pizza and popsicles. It was a sweet end to a fun day home with our girls. 

The next week at music we learned about percussion instruments. Charlotte got to play the xylophone! 

It was another busy and fun month but I know we will only have more things to do ahead! 

(Frances learned to put the coins in this piggy bank this month and aaa so proud.)


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