Wednesday, May 8, 2019


March was just as busy and wild as February with birthdays and trips!  Sort of happy that this month we are just staying home and not hosting any parties! Here is a quick recap of a whirlwind of a month! 

Frances climbed her way through the month. This is an activity that Charlotte never did and it is exhausting! I can’t turn my back for a second or she is on top of something!! I’m not sure if I should help her get good at climbing so she won’t fall or if I discourage it entirely?! 

Ms Gail got sick one day and I had no back ups so frances got to go to school one day! Charlotte’s school was so sweet to let her come for the morning and I was beyond grateful for their help. Frances had a great day and didn’t cry at all! She loved all the other babies and the new toys. She will start in June and I know she will love it! 

Dinner at moms on sundays are always fun! The girls love playing with their toys there and of course spending time with momsie. 

Our sweet frances turned 1 in the blink of an eye! 

We celebrated her birthday playing outside with friends. She really enjoys riding the tricycle!

How beautiful is this birthday girl?! 

Charlotte’s class went to the Clifford exhibit at the imagination place for a field trip and just had a blast. They are the sweetest little kids! 

That same day frances had her check up. She is 21 pounds and 31 inches long! 

We celebrated mama B’s birthday with pizza for dinner at their house. We also got to meet the new baby chicks! 

The next day we flew to aspen for spring break! Frances was very difficult on the plane because she refused to nap. She didn’t scream and cry but she was unhappy and she was climbing all over us. Charlotte had her own seat and she on the other hand  was just fine! 

We were so impressed with Charlotte skiing!! She was very brave and she enjoyed ski school. 

The second day she went to ski “on the big mountain” with daddy and aunt Karen and uncle tommy. She loved it! She was so proud of herself and loved being with her daddy. While they were skiing frances and I enjoyed a stroll and a yummy lunch! 

The next day I took the girls to the aspen rec center to swim. Charlotte had a ball but frances was fairly timid, which surprised me!

We had a fun dinner with everyone and then the 4 of us went for dessert at the st Regis. It was a perfect ending to a sweet vacation with our little ones. 

Once we were back home we went to Mimi’s for Andrews surprise 30th birthday party! 

The next day the celebrating continued, as Charlotte went to janes princess tea party. It was so cute! 

On Sunday we had more birthday fun celebrating Megumi! 

We are so excited about spring and warm weather and all the fun that comes along with them! 


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