Monday, June 24, 2019


May came and went in the blink of an eye. Life with two girls is quite fun and quite busy! 

Davis and Megumi came over for dinner one night and the girls had so much fun. They are so sweet to spend time with them and the girls really love them. 

One rainy morning we went for breakfast at the coffee shop. It was a fun little treat! 

And later that day Mimi and aunt Fran came to see us! Aunt Fran taught Charlotte how to arrange flowers which she loved! 

And then we took Charlotte with us to Wyatt’s pharmacy school graduation party. We are so proud of him!! 

And to round out the day, we went to the highlanders ball and had the beat time with friends!! We were worn out! 

The next morning we enjoyed seeing baby Becca at church. We have had to start sitting in the cry room because frances is so busy and it’s hard to keep her still and quiet.  Church has become such a source of anxiety! 

At music that week Charlotte got a recorder! She loves playing with it and does try really hard to get her fingers right! 

Since she was excited about woodwinds that week, aunt Farrah came over to show her how to play the flute! 

That week Charlotte had doughnuts for divas at her school. She was really tired and not feeling well that day so afterwards we came home and just had a restful girls day. 

That weekend m came to see the girls!! Oh how they love her! 

Forrest and I were excited to get inducted into the century club! It was a great dinner and a great party with our friends! Afterwards we went to black stone to hear jays band play and just had the beat time! It’s rare that we do things like that so it was extra fun for us. 

We also celebrated mother’s day! Roy and Ann came for dinner Saturday and we enjoyed spending time with momsie. We celebrated with mama b on Sunday! Charlotte picked out presents for me and we had a scavenger hunt. It was super sweet and she was so proud of herself. 

That night, however, frances got a hole in her paci. She won’t take any others so it was awful. She woke up and realized I switched it and screamed and screamed for 2 and a half hours. She would t take it dipped in chocolate! I drove her around, let her watch tv, and finally just gave her the one with the hole until she fell asleep again and then switched it another time. Thankfully she made her peace with it the next morning. It is hard to be a baby sometimes! 

Charlotte had her last music class and learned about the brass family. She really enjoyed her class this year and especially enjoyed playing on the playground afterwards. 

Out of order but here are the girls with mama b on Mother’s Day, after the night of the new paci. We were all so tired! 

Charlotte was thrilled to start tennis this year!!! She was very excited about her outfits and was concerned she couldn’t get the ball over the net but she tries so hard! I love watching her! 

Charlotte had her last day of 3k program and party! The girls help me set up the party the day before and frances loved checking out the school. The program was farm themed and Charlotte looked precious in her pigtails. C really had a great year and learned so much! 

Charlotte also had her ballet recital in May! I just love watching her dance. She gets so excited about getting dressed up and wearing make up and dancing on the big stage. 

She loved her flowers! 

She may have loved doing her bow more than the dance! 

After the first day of the recital we played with our sweet friends and neighbors. Doesn’t this look fun?! We are so lucky that the girls get to grow up in such a fun neighborhood! 

Second day of recital groupies! 

The girls and I went to check out the new aldi! They loved shopping and so did I!! We are happy to have it back! 

Miss priss at tennis again! 

Charlotte also did swimming lessons in May with Patrick. I was very surprised that she cried and was nervous this year because last summer she was swimming so well! She did gain some confidence and now is swimming very well!! 

As a treat we went and got our nails done. She was so excited she used to be terrified of the salon so this was a big milestone. 

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to the Rome braves game with m and trey and treys family. The girls loved it! We were in a box and got to have snacks and the mascot even came to visit! It was frances first game and she did great! She liked eating and getting to roam around. Charlotte dances to all the music and even got on the jumbo tron! 

On Memorial Day Charlotte started pony camp! I was so nervous to leave her with strangers but she did great and loved it! She enjoyed riding and they also did crafts. On the last day they had a water slide!! I was so proud of her for trying something new!! 

Farrah and I had a little girls night to watch Molly’s play at the courtyard. We were so proud of her!! 

My sister sent this to me—this is me buttoning frances into her dress for pictures for her wedding. This was such a sweet time for us and now she is so grown!! She can roll with just about anything (except holes in her paci) and she is just the awe tears snuggliest girl! She has to tag along to all of big sisters activities, and as you see above there are many, and she makes it pretty easy! (Although this month she has decided she hates the car seat.) we just love these girls! 


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