Monday, September 23, 2019

September 2019

This fall has been out of control busy!! Here is a quick look! 
Labor Day trip to Atlanta! Dinner at pounce city market! 

Dragon con parade! 

Tailgating at turtles! 

While frances napper daddy and Charlotte rode the Ferris wheel. 

Cheering on the tide at frances first game with our besties! 

Frances lives her first game! She lived yelling and clapping 

After victory swim 

Aquarium dolphin show! We got soaked and frances gates it so we lived but daddy and Charlotte stayed and  got soaked!! 

Lunch at the suite lounge. France loves the chicken and waffles. 

The girls lived the hotel lobby. 

Braves game  pedi cab!!

She actually hated this shirt. 

Loved seeing uncle Roy! 

Everyone enjoyed the world of coke! 

Frances didn’t care for the bear 

Slime city was a last minute idea but well worth it! 

The next weekend (after frances had a fever virus) we celebrated papa b birthday! 

Frances has really been enjoying school. Here she is with her bestie Margaret. She will say “ma” and “roo” for Margaret and Ruth. 

Charlotte brought narly the narwhal for her first show and tell. She was so excited!! 

Frances loves lipstick. She found a tube and rubbed it all over herself and the basement. 

We went to two very hot September games. It was fun but we melted! It was nice to have a couple days to ourselves. 

Charlotte has really been into weddings lately and loves playing fashion show and pageant. She is so fun right now! 

We surprised momsie on her birthday!!

We also surprised mama b after her surgery. It was fun being sneaky! 

A busy month but a fun month! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

August 2019

This month quickly got away from me! Here’s a quick look!  Above is a picture form my dear friend Randi’s wedding. I am so happy for her and her wedding was gorgeous. It was extra fun to meet up with some of my sorority sisters!  
We also had a fun night at the tyn tymes party with our supper club! 

Charlotte hosted a pool party for her 4K class. It’s hard to believe these kiddos are entering g their last year of preschool! 

The girls and I went to the Birmingham zoo for fairytale and frogs day to see some of our favorite princesses. Charlotte loved it and Frances was afraid of the strangers and didn’t like me taking away her snack for the photos. We loved havibg aunt Fran, Stevie and Mel tag along with us! 

It was Frances’s first time at the zoo (other than when she was 3 months old) and she was so excited to see the animals! She pointed at the elephants and did her elephant noise. She was also ready excited about the monkeys and flamingos. 
The girls started school this month! Charlotte is in May debbies class for 4K and is so exited. She ended up being the leader on the first day and was thrilled! 
Frances started the toddler room with mrs Teleah and mrs Suzanne. I was so nervous about her going but she did great! She seems to follow directions and get along with everyone. She is getting so grown up! 

Charlotte also started back to ballet this month. She is in miss kristens primary class with some of her favorite friends! She is a busy little girl. Aside from ballet she still goes to tennis and mrs Billie still comes twice a week for reading practice. She never ceases to amaze me! 

We brought Charlotte with us to our cousin David’s wedding. She had a blast as usual and we enjoyed being with our family. 
Here is frances walking into school with her back pack. Forrest takes the girls on Tuesdays and Thursday’s (the only days frances goes) and he discovered she loved wearing her back pack inside. It’s about as big as her! 

Here is a look at Charlotte at ballet! I am usually chasing Frances and don’t get to watch much but I love getting little glimpses of my girl dancing. She really seems to love it! 

It has been so hot this summer that it’s usually no fun to go outside, but we do love playing with our neighbors. Here is frances riding with sweet Gaines! 

We ended the month in Atlanta and I will share that on the next post! Happy end of summer! 

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