Monday, November 4, 2019


October was a super fun month! Both girls were so into Halloween. Charlotte has loved it for years and this year Frances was in on the action. She loved the pump pumps (pumpkins) and the boo (ghost) and her favorite thing was bob the minion inflatable we had in the yard. She is all about “bob” now and has been watching the minions movie. 

She has been saying a few more words although her pronunciation is still developing. She doesn’t say many long vowel sounds yet but she can get her point across! She is loving school and always tells me that “ma, ru, gw (which comes out gibberish)” were there. 

She has leaned to color without eating crayons and they say she loves sitting in her chair. I’m so proud of my little mamas girl for doing such a great job! She also melts my heart when she runs to me every day when I pick her up. She knows most colors and shapes and even letters and I am just blown away by how quickly she catches onto things. 
Charlotte is just as smart as ever and continues to practice reading and writing at school and at home with mrs Billie. She is also doing great at ballet and I have noticed that she can do the dance without watching her teacher which is different from last year. Her class is more mature this year so I think that helps. She also in recent months has stopped wearing pull ups at night (which she could have been doing but I was too lazy to try) so she is really a big girl now. 
This month was sort of rough in that Frances got sick several times. This was anticipated as the same thing happened to Charlotte when she started school. The first weekend of October she got the stomach bug. Then Monday Charlotte had a fever virus. Everyone was well so we went to the beach the next weekend where mommy and momsie got the bug. The next weekend Frances got a fever virus and the next she had a terrible cough and cold which we all now have. It was very exhausting and stressful but we have survived and made it though. 

We also had lots and lots of fun this month despite the sickness! 

The girls had picture day at school. Frances didn’t like it and screamed and cried most of the time so we went back again and she did the same thing. I’m waiting to see the proofs and hoping for the best! 

Charlotte wrapped up a fun season of tennis. I am so proud of her effort and her progress!

Frances has her well check up and was just perfect. 24.4 pounds and 31 inches of cuteness. 

Despite mommy getting sick we had a great time at the beach with aunt Fran and Mimi. Frances was wary of the ocean but of course Charlotte loved it. 

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