Friday, January 3, 2020


Again as it is January I’m going to make this short and sweet. 

Chris rad oh day at school. C said her elsa dress was for Christmas because elsa likes snow. 

Christmas parade. The girls could take it or leave it. 

Coles bday party. 

My sweet girls! Frances has on plaid bloomers that she showed off to everyone including the chickens. 

Christmas at the falls. Both girls really enjoyed! Frances said “light light choo choo ho ho!”

Ballet tea party! C did great and actually remembered her dance! 

Elc Christmas party and program. 

Toddler class 

Charlotte did great in the program and impressed us all by doing handbells. 

4K class 

Two sweet sisters 

Law school girls reunion 

Happy birthday Wes! 

Payton’s wedding! Bridesmaids lunch was at m house. C loved getting to spend the night. 

C was nervous at the rehearsal but told the director “this is my 3rd time”. 

She loved getting to get ready with the big girls. 

So proud of our professional flower girl! 

Pancakes and pajamas

Becky came! 

Christmas Eve at aunt debbies. Frances loved her baby doll and Charlotte got so many barbies! She was screaming and cheering! 

Santa came! 

Frances loved her carriage and refused to get out or open any gifts. She just yelled go and sit! She did like this Minnie Mouse that sings. 

C loved her carriage! 

Christmas brunch crew

Frances favorite gift was her stick stick from uncle Davis. She screamed and cheered and danced and was so precious. 

C loved her camera! She also really wanted and received the princess suitcase. 

Some of her pictures! 

Bal d or!

Christmas at mimis! The girls loved their costumes from Mel and Stevie. 

Roy and Ann came to hang out afterwards. 

Christmas at momsies. Frances loved her peppa pig house from m! 
Scavenger hunt to her new vanity aka manatee from momsie. 

These girls didn’t care for the New Year’s Eve fireworks would they hunt out inside. 

Happy New Years from the big brothers big sisters party. 

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