Monday, April 13, 2020

Charlotte’s fifth birthday party

For Charlotte’s fifth birthday party we had a make over tea party! It was beautiful and she was over joyed. Take a look! 

I loved the table! We had a tulle skirt -!: the centerpieces were tea sets from my moms house. The girls plates and cups were paper from amazon! 

The make up table! Each girl got a punch with her own brush and lipstick. 

The cake! We had cookies and petite fors for the girls so the little cake was just for the adults. 

Charlotte chose her own dress and really loved it! 

Birthday girl! 

Miss molly came to do the bibbidy bobbidy boutique to the girls! 

Even Frances dressed up and had fun!! 

 While waiting for their make over the girls decorated their bags. 

Snack time! 

Present time! 

Family time! 

The party was absolutely lovely! The girls all seemed to enjoy and Charlotte especially did!! We can’t believe she is 5!! 

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