Saturday, April 4, 2020

Disney 2020

Disney was most definitely was a whirlwind this year! We actually didn’t know if we were going to make it. Frances has a fever for several days before and turned out to have hand foot and mouth. Her fever broke the day we were supposed to leave but as of the night before, just daddy and Charlotte were going to go. We were so glad that we got to go together and that the rest of us didn’t get the virus! Here is a quick look at our trip. It was simply lovely. We love being able to be together, just the 4 of us, all day. It’s a rare treat and we love every minute! 

In the car headed to the airport. Is this going to be the best or worst decision ever?! 

When we got to the Hyatt, Forrest surprised me with an upgraded suite! Hooray! This was perfect and gave us so much more room! Charlotte couldn’t wait to hit the pool but it was freezing. 

On the first day we headed to magic kingdom. Frances was not sure about the characters at first. Charlotte of course dove head first into the rides. Up first was the barnstormer and she loved it! 

Frances took a while to warm up to the characters but of course Charlotte loved them as usual. 

Francies first ride was dumbo and she really liked it! 

Charlotte got to be Felipe in enchanted tales with belle! Frances wouldn’t participate....

But would pose with belle! 
Then we visited some of our favorite princesses! 

Daddy and Charlotte went to ride big girl rides and Frances and I went strolling so she could nap, but we rant into the parade and she loved it! 

Flying carpets!! 

My baby finally got to meet her favorite, mick mick! 

What no nap at Disney looks like. 

Waiting on fireworks! 

We had a great day and got to do nearly everything we wanted!!! Ok to day 2! 

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