Sunday, April 12, 2020

Disney day 2

Hollywood studios day!! It was super sweet and fun. The girls got to meet some of their favorite tv characters. Their favorite was a little tea party with Nancy. 

Frances loved that she matched doc! 

And they love vampirina! 

Disney junior dance party was a hit! Also the frozen song a long! 

And Frances loves the beauty and the beast stage show! She sang and danced! 

The girls were worn out this day! They napped in Star Wars world even though a storm trooper came by. 

The alien swirling saucers were Frances favorite ride. We rode it 3 times and she would say more more ride! Charlotte rode the tower of terror but it was not her favorite. 

We got to meet “peep” while Charlotte was on the tower with daddy. 

Slinky dog was Charlotte’s favorite again! It was so fun to ride it at night. 

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