Monday, April 13, 2020

Disney day 3

On our last day we did something a little different. We diet started the day off at a universal resort at the minions breakfast. Frances loves the minions, especially bob, so this was for her. She was a little nervous because gru was there and was so big!! 

 She loved meeting the sisters! 

By the end she was much more exited! We really had a great time. It was so easy and very low key and the food was great! 

We were originally going back to magic kingdom but since we did everything pretty much the first day, we decided to go to Epcot. Both girls loved the aquarium and Charlotte got to be featured on turtle talk with crush. We met mark prices friend who hooked her up! 

While daddy and Charlotte rode some big rides, I took Frances to meet DONALD. She still says “DONALD hat!!”

Then we found her very favorite, Minnie!! 

She would have stayed with her all day!! But alas it was nap time...

Afterwards the girls had a snack and danced to a British band before we met Pooh! 

And then we had French firs and met belle in Frances. 

And mommy stood in line forever but we met sleeping beauty! Afterwards Charlotte went it the perfume site and had a blast choosing her scent. 

Then we had cookies and the grown ups had champagne while we watched the beauty and the beast sing a long. 

And then we found Snow White! 

Before we left we had to meet our very favorites, elsa and Anna! 

This was such a great trip that we thought wouldn’t happen. I am so glad we ended up going, especially now that we are at home waiting out a pandemic. 


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