Friday, April 3, 2020

January 2020

Happy new year! The girls loves the swag we got for them at the big brothers big sisters New Years party! 

We enjoyed a traditional New Years lunch at the baileys! It was great to see papa Harold, especially since he had to go to the hospital not long after! 

Not long after this, Frances decided she no longer likes the chickens! 

Our sweet friends the welches came for dinner one night. The kids play together so well! 

We got ice cream as a treat one night and Frances initially didn’t know how to hold it. She held the ice cream! 

Birthdays dinner at highlands! My sweet friends went around the table and told why they liked me. 

The girls started back to school!! 

We celebrated our Gigi’s birthday!! We don’t know what we would do without her. She is such an integral part of our village. 

Frances started music at school! She was nervous at first but loves mrs Katie and tells me that they “dance” and “shake shake”. 

Poor Frances got the stomach bug and it was no fun!! She was so pitiful. 

We had to get a tent for her bed because she would throw her paci out and make me come get it. It was a great stalking tactic that wore me out! 

We got to visit with mimi and Fran and m at momsies while daddy was on a ski trip! 

Dinner at momsies is always fun! 

Poor Frances also got hand foot and mouth! She had such a tough month!! 

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