Wednesday, April 15, 2020


The day after Charlotte’s party we headed off to vail Colorado! It was such a great trip and even more fun nexuses we traveled with our friends the Simmons. Here are some pics! 

The girls did great in the flight! We had delta economy comfort which meant tv in the seat for each girl and free drinks for mommy and daddy. Francie fell asleep at the end of the flight! 

After checking into our condo in vail village we enjoyed dinner and ice cream at tavern on the square. 

The next day the kids did ski school and the dads skied while the moms and Frances ate and shopped. Charlotte did great in ski school and really improved from last year! 

Frances did not like the snow getting in her eyes. She would say “snow eyes!!”

Uncle Tommy and aunt Karen came to visit! 

That night we left the kids with one of the hotel sitters and ate at flame. Omg it was fantastic! Stephanie and I shared the Caesar salad and pasta experiences and they were wonderful!! 

The next morning was Charlotte’s birthday but it was freezing and snowing so we all stayed in and had a chill day but we did go to the diner for lunch. 

That night we celebrated at 4 eagle ranch with a sleigh ride, dancing, and lots of eating! 

Frances still refers to the singer as ho ho nexuses she thought he was Santa! 

S’mores before we went home!

The next day was also freezing so we stayed in. I went to the spa and the boys skied but that night the adults went to matsuhisha for dinner. It was incredible! I she no idea what I ate, as they just kept bringing plates to the table and I tried it all. 

The next day was a big ski day! We all went up the mountain to watch. 

Charlotte skied with the harness aunt Karen gave her and did great!! 

Frances kept crying and saying “ski me ski me!” However she was not a fan of skiing with daddy. 

Riding the lift down 

The big girls after they skied down the whole mountain! 

That night we had a private chef come to the condo. It was a great way to end a fabulous trip! 

Headed home the next day


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